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The time has come for you to choose a winner for the “Why We Travel” Contest! We’ve selected the top entries, and it’s your turn to vote. Voting ends Thursday, May 23, 2013at5 p.m. CST. Simply email the name of the finalist who you believe should win to Only one vote per person. The contestants and their stories are below. Please see the full set of contest rules for additional details.

Please see the contestants and their stories below.


  • Carly

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder – I’ve definitely found that saying to be true about my long distance relationship with my boyfriend. Alex and I are both originally from Cleveland, Ohio and met at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania. We’ve been dating for over two years and due to our jobs, we live in different cities (I in Cleveland, he in Erie). I travel via Greyhound about twice a month from Cleveland to Erie to visit Alex. Riding the Greyhound makes it easy to visit Alex – I can take a trip up after work on Friday and be back in Cleveland on Sunday night, no problem! Even though the distance can be challenging, it’s all worth it when I get off the bus and see his smiling face waiting for me.


  • Kris

I like to travel to see family in Florida. Our family has drove this stretch of road several times. It is more economical to ride than fly a family to Florida. This is most fun during the winter as I live in Wisconsin.


  • Jack

I travel for pleasure excitement and meeting people in my life journey. I’m turning 40 and I always wanted to see the mid west and west coast I took greyhound for 3 days to LA! I pack some fried chicken, snacks, water, and a good book! Take pics of the scenery.


  • Benjamin

I live in California and for the last 17 years with having family & friends spread across the country and being visually impaired I have used greyhound as a way to visit everyone that I care about while at the same time getting a chance to enjoy what the US has to offer. Using a camera to help me see beyond what my eyes can I have seen beautiful places such as the Snow covered mountains of Utah and Colorado, major waterways such as Mobile and Tampa Bay to the Cityscapes of bigger cities such as Los Angeles Chicago and Houston and lastly major points including the Saint Louis Arch and the Golden Gate bridge. I have also met wonderful people while traveling on the bus that have become great friends and have given me even more reasons to travel. Over the years I have rode a lot of miles on the bus and have enjoyed all of them. Here’s to another 17 years of exciting adventures.


  • Kandace

In about a week and a half, I will turn 32 years old. I have always been the type to run from relationships because it seems I’m the only one to really take it seriously. I had never been in a relationship longer than maybe six months. I finally found someone that’s makes a relationship look and feel natural and easy. She lives in North Carolina and I in Oklahoma which to many would be unfortunate. Most wouldn’t even attempt a long distance relationship of this nature but because of Greyhound’s affordable traveling and safe rides, we can see each other easily. We’ve been together for two years now and Greyhound has helped us the whole time. We’re making plans to move in together very soon but until then it’s been great having traveling accommodations made so easy that you feel like you’re taking a road trip. Of course I still have lots of family and friends that I’ll need to pay visits to in Oklahoma after I move and what better way than a nice road trip. Even better than going alone, now I’ll have my girlfriend as a traveling companion with me! She is why I travel Greyhound.


Happy voting!

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