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Often times, travel allows us to connect with loved ones, attend a graduation, explore, and a host of other things. Each of us loves travel for a different reason and we wanted to see what those reasons were. Below, we’ve included a few things we heard around the office in regard to what people love about travel. Take a read:


  • #WhatILoveAboutTravel: is getting to experience a new city life, new culture and the creative, delicious food the city has to offer. - Jennifer S.
  • I love to travel to visit family and friends, and catch up on old times! - Chameleon R.
  • I love travel because it’s something that can be shared with others or done by oneself, and still be utterly enjoyable. Travel can be done on a schedule or become something unpredictable and spontaneous. It’s all things to all people. -Mark R.
  • I love travel because it gives you perspective on your place in this world. There are billions of people on this planet and when you visit another city, state or country, you get a peek of people doing the things they love: jogging along Lake Michigan, eating pizza on the North Side of Boston, strolling down Sixth Street in Austin or tapping your foot to the beat of Beale Street. It makes me feel good to know they were doing these things long before I got there, and they’ll be doing them long after I leave. -Mark R. (He gave us two, and we just had to post both!)
  • It gives me the opportunity to be in complete awe by witnessing the most majestic places on Earth. - James G.
  • When traveling somewhere new, I absolutely love getting to see something in person for the first time that I had only seen in photos. It’s always a surreal moment. - Alex P.

So we must ask you, what do you love about travel?

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