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Traveling Girl Hopeful

Traveling Girl Hopeful

Many of us have that “a-ha moment” – some sooner than later – when we discover what we’d like to do more of in life. For Jessica, she realized that she wants to explore more. Take a look at the process of what brought her to this point. Do you want to travel more in 2014? See the world in a way you haven’t before? Do it!

By Jessica P.

(Jessica is a close friend of mine, who shares in my love for travel. This is her first time guest-blogging for The Hound.)

“Sometimes you just need a break, in a really beautiful place, alone, to figure everything out.” I saw this inspiring quote on Instagram a few months ago. When I first read it I thought, ‘Could this not be any more true. Sometimes we just need to go. Pack our bags and go.’ Then wondered, so why haven’t I?

For the last four years, I’ve spent much of my time searching for stability. I was one of those privileged few who graduated college in 2009, otherwise known as the heart of the recession. During this time, the thought of getting a job after college seemed bleak. I remember looking at the expression on the faces throughout the audience as our Dean chose to give his commencement speech on the fact that we would struggle to find work after college.  He scared us all and really ticked off our parents.

Fast forward to today, four years later and you’ve got me. A 26 year-old female, settled in a great job with a ton of opportunity, savings in the bank and a place to live that is not tied to my relatives. Life should be grand right? Well, not so much.

It’s taken four years, to understand that life is about more than having a solid career.  After my daily routine sank in, I began to crave an adventure. I wanted to see the world outside of the 12-mile radius of Washington, D.C.

I decided to set rules for myself. Create my own list of 20-30-40 things I need to do. But that didn’t work. Then I decided to make a ton of travel plans and save money – only to find another opportunity arose that I wanted to do more than travel. So now, I’m back at square one. Back to pining at the idea of traveling the country and seeing what makes up our great nation.

I believe we all owe it to ourselves to get out of Dodge every once in a while. Appreciate the mountainous plains, the booming cities and the island-like characteristics of our coastlines.

The choice to explore is yours. I’m starting small by writing about my desire to travel and hope that it will spur a great trip in the future – set as an exploration to ‘figure everything out.’

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