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Top 5 Tips for Traveling with Greyhound

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So if you’re wondering if there are any big secrets for tips when traveling with Greyhound, we are letting the cat out of the bag today. You may already know many of the basic tips , but we’re here to share with you how to get a low fare and maybe even get to your destination faster, among other Greyhound-inspired helpful tips.

  • Schedule your trip EARLY.
    • If you know months before when you want to travel, we encourage you to book your ticket. The advance purchase fares aren’t available the day of travel, so snag these low fares when you can. Don’t wait.
  • This is for all the cash paying people.
    • We now have a Pay with Cash option, where you can reserve your trip online, visit a participating retailer (7-Eleven or Ace Cash Express) and pay with cash to complete the transaction. This is a particularly convenient option because not everyone has a credit card.
  • Get a head start and print your ticket at home.
    • By printing your ticket at home, you save time because now you don’t have to wait in line at Will Call. You can purchase your ticket on the web and print your ticket in the courtesy of your own home. Just make sure you have your ID when you’re boarding the bus.
  • Travel Express.
    • If our Express service is in your city and it is going to where you’re going, make sure you take advantage of this service. You get a guaranteed seat, for starters. With free Wi-Fi, power outlets and fares as $1, this ride has been pretty likable among customers. Not only do we provide you with the amenities listed above, but we also have limited or no stops with Express:
  • Always remember to bring snacks and water.
    • Whether you’re traveling 4 hours or 14 hours, it’s something about traveling that makes us hungry. I don’t know about you, but within the first 30 minutes into a trip, I’m looking for the bag of crackers I packed. And when packing the snack bag, make sure you pack water. When all else fails, staying hydrated is necessary. While we are on the subject, what’s your favorite travel snack?

For you travelers out there, what are other tips that you’d give to your potential seatmate?

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