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5 Tips for Traveling with Greyhound

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Here are 5 new tips we have for traveling with Greyhound!

1.     Bring your chargers

As you know, Greyhound has free Wi-Fi and power outlets to charge all of your electronics. So don’t forget your phone, computer or even camera charger so your devices don’t run out of juice.

2.     For the longer trips…

If you are taking a longer trip with Greyhound, we recommend bringing a blanket and a fun eye mask to keep your surroundings extra dark. Another tip we recommend is bringing cleansing facial wipes. After a long trip, this will help you feel refreshed and ready to go wherever your destination may be. And always bring water to stay hydrated!

3.     Download fun gaming apps

Whenever I am traveling, I always check the app store on my phone to see what free games I can download to pass the time. Some fun games we recommend are:

  • Dots & Co. (Free on iOS and Google Play), a fun puzzle game where you connect one dot to another.
  • High Risers (Free on iOS and Google Play), an endless runner/climber game. You are tasked to climb up an endless skyscraper by tapping to jump up levels, bounce off the walls and avoid the gaps and holes. A game that will keep you occupied for hours.

4.     Pictures speak a thousand words

One of the perks traveling with Greyhound, is you get to see the beautiful scenery around you! A fun idea we recommend is buying a disposable camera and then developing the pictures once you get back from your trip. It’s a fun retro way to take photos, but if that’s not your style, snap away on your phone or camera.

5.     Movies

For all you Netflix lovers out there, did you hear the great news? You can now download content and watch select films and series offline when you download their app! While you can’t stream Netflix using the WiFi on Greyhound, this is a great alternative to binge watch away. Click here to see which movies and TV shows you can watch offline.


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