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This Amazing America: San Jose

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In 1938, Greyhound published the booklet This Amazing America highlighting some of the great things you can do when you travel. Today, we call these Hound Gems. Here’s a look back at what we thought you should visit then with a few more of our favorite attractions.

This week we continue to update the more unusual travel suggestions we offered travelers back in 1938 in our travel guide ‘This Amazing America. Today, we are visiting San Jose.


  • Back then, we recommended visiting the “add-a-room” house in San Jose. We’re pleased to say that you can still visit what is now known as the Winchester Mystery House, with tours available both by day and night. Presumably more rooms have since been discovered, as there are now 160 rooms to the mansion that started as an 8-room farmhouse. It is thought that more than 500 were actually were actually built over decades of redesigns.
  • Normally known for cutting-edge technology, one of Silicon Valley’s oldest attractions is the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Set in a large park, the centerpiece of this museum is a walk-through subterranean tomb, complete with mummies.
  • Are you ready to bounce off the walls? Just outside San Jose is Sky High Sports: The Trampoline Place, where both the floor and walls are covered with trampolines. Take the kids to let off some steam, or embrace your inner child. The (even) more energetic can join in trampoline dodge ball or trampoline aerobics (which has to be more fun than the gym).
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