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Things to Do: Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving Travel

Excuse us, but did we read that correctly? Only five Thursdays left in the year? Well, we’re looking forward to next Thursday – Thanksgiving! With that being said, we’ve made a list of a few locations with popular events taking place next week. Check ‘em out below.

  • NYC: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    • For 87 years, this parade has been a must-watch for many American households on Thanksgiving. This year will be nothing different. With performances, floats and a host of participants, this will continue to capture the hearts of many.
  • Nashville: A Multitude of Events
    • What else do we expect from Music City? From concerts to holiday shows, Nashville is offering a variety of things to do during Thanksgiving weekend. Only question is which show will you attend?
  • Chicago: McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    • Will you be in Chicago for Thanksgiving? Make sure you stop by the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and prepare to see creative floats, performances and other forms of entertainment. It’s nationally televised, also!
  • Dallas: Capital One Bank Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot
    • Said to be one of the best Turkey Trot Run’s in the United States, Dallas is gearing up for another successful event, with an estimated attendance of 40,000 people. This run, which includes a 5k fun run and 8-mile race, benefits “programs that help the YMCA to strengthen the foundations of the community.” Get your sneakers ready. And don’t worry; this run takes place before the meal.
  • Multiple Locations: NFL Football Game Day
    • Football on Thanksgiving is just something else many of us are thankful for. Whether you’re at the stadium or not, many eyes will be on the following games this year:
      • Packers v. Lions (at Detroit)
      • Steelers v. Ravens (at Baltimore)
      • Raiders v. Cowboys (at Dallas)


Where are you spending Thanksgiving?

Check out’s article about Thanksgiving events here:


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