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And the Winner is…

The Winners

Meet our Sweepstakes winners! From left to right, Cherie Fueston, Megon Witter, Rozella Stasiuk, Roo Dire and our photographer and grand prize winner, Bryanna Pavlish. These girls live life to its fullest in Spokane, Wash.!

This is their story:

Cherie and Bryanna met when they were 10 while playing basketball in a summer parks league in Spokane. Cherie is the Einstein of the group and is destined for great things! She’s currently working at Super 1 Foods as a deli clerk. This is a picture from this June of Bryanna, Megon and Cherie playing 3-on-3 basketball at Hoopfest on the streets of downtown Spokane. They called themselves the “Kick Butt Kitty Kats” and were recreating a team that started 10 years ago.

Megon met Bryanna when they were in the sixth grade. She sold a goat to Megon’s mom at the county fair. They found out they lived a few blocks away from each other, and they’ve been friends ever since! They’re the most athletic of the group, and they play volleyball, basketball, long boarding and pretty much anything else you can think of. Megon is working for Spokane Parks and Recreation this summer preparing basketball fields for little leagues and softball tournaments. She’s also a licensed massage therapist. This is a picture of Bryanna and Megon at an outdoor volleyball tournament.

Rozella and Bryanna are roommates who met about three years ago slinging coffee together at the Spokane International Airport coffee shop at 3:30 in the morning. This picture is of Bryanna, Rozella and Megon at the Dirty Dash – a mud run with obstacles, rope swings and monkey bars.

Roo and Bryanna are best friends. They met senior year in high school playing volleyball. Bryanna’s #12, Megon is #21 and Roo is #3 in this photo. She’s a Certified Nursing Assistant who’s currently nannying. Roo’s birthday is Sept. 30, so the girls are thinking of celebrating at Six Flags!


Bryanna’s average work week is 62-68 hours, divided between three different jobs. She works graveyard shifts at the United States Postal Service processing and distribution plant, getting letters and packages ready for next day delivery, and days are spent as a parking attendant for Spokane International Airport. Her third job is an event porter for the Spokane Arena, crowd-managing, setting up seats and stocking food vendors for big shows and events. Bryanna wants to go to college eventually to turn her loves of film, digital media, advertising, writing and photo editing into a job she loves.

The group is always looking for something new. Matching days off is far and few between, so when it does happen, there’s always a plan to get out and do stuff. Being from Spokane, they get both the country and the city, with lots of entertainment and things to do. Now they can experience a great trip to Six Flags as well!



2nd Place:

Krista & Craig – Seattle

We need an adventurous trip to Six Flags because we are tired of getting stuck in the rain!

Krista & Craig live in Seattle with their adorable daughter Carina. They are exposed to A LOT of rain in the Northwest. On the day this photo was taken, they were having a family outing in a local park last fall and Carina (who was just beginning to understand the word “rain”) was absolutely fascinated by this umbrella. She was twirling and dancing around with it, and that’s how this photo happened. She is a funny little girl and we can’t wait for them to get to Six Flags and get Carina “out of the rain.”

3rd Place:

Heather & Greg – New Haven, Vt.

We need an adventurous trip to Six Flags because we need to celebrate!

Heather and Greg live in New Haven, Vt. and this is the picture of how they got engaged! Greg picked Heather up in Burlington coming back from Boston (where she goes to school), and they headed to her parents house. He said no one would be home for awhile and when they got there he asked her to come upstairs with him. Her parents have a huge window that looks out over the property and he stood there with her. When she looked outside she saw in huge wood block letters “Will you marry me?” The really cute part is Greg sells firewood and so it was the perfect way to ask. Her whole family showed up 30 minutes later; they had all been in on it and had even helped with the set-up! The wedding date is Aug. 16, 2014. We are so excited that they can celebrate with some friends at Six Flags.


We look forward to hearing about each of their adventures to Six Flags. As always, we will fill you in on what we hear.

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