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Expressing down to San Antonio

Expressing down to San Antonio

Here’s a sweet deal, travel round-trip from Dallas to San Antonio for only $5 bucks! Yes,I’m not kidding.

Both me and my girlfriend traveled round-trip to San Antonio; all for the whopping cost of $5. That’s the equivalent of a footlong at Subway. Jared would be proud.

How did we do it? We tried something completely different than we are used to. We took the bus.

This wasn’t an ordinary bus though. It was a Greyhound Express bus. It’s a complete 180 from what I had imagined. Brand new leather seats, power plugs and even free Wifi! It’s also pretty quick and convenient. The 15 minute stop in Austin was the only road-break we took. The ride was smooth and comfortable. The wifi and power plugs were definitely clutch. My iPad stayed powered up, and I sat relaxed while catching up on emails and watching episodes of The Wire.

So next time you’re looking for a cheap getaway, take a look at Greyhound Express. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than flying and driving. The further in advance you book the cheaper your tickets will be. You might even score a promotional $1 ticket!


$5 equals:

2 round-trip tickets from Dallas to San Antonio

1 footlong sandwich at Subway

5 songs from iTunes

1.5 gallons of gasoline


This true story was submitted by a Greyhound employee, but we’d love to hear yours as well. Please visit and share your road story with us.

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