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Spotlight: District Manager

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There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes. Aside from drivers and buses, there are tons of people dedicated to making this operation work. We’ve therefore decided to spotlight different positions within the Greyhound family so you can have an up-close look at the folks “behind the bus.” For January, we’re taking a look into what it’s like to be a district manager for Greyhound. Introducing Shanna K. – district manager for the Southwest region.


As a district manager, what are your responsibilities?

To do everything I can to provide the safest and most enjoyable travel experience I can for our customers! The details involve driver and terminal operations in multiple states. But when you get down to what matters, it’s staying focused on making every day an exceptional day for our customers and employees.


What do you find most gratifying about your career?

The people – always the people. Our employees. Our customers. Being able to share in the moments that make life special for them. Our customers travel for all sorts of reasons; vacation, school, work, to see loved ones. Working at Greyhound allows me to meet amazing people and (I hope) make a difference when I interact with them.


What’s one memorable moment you’ve had while working at Greyhound?

There are so many great moments. I had the opportunity to meet up with a loyal customer who once needed my assistance. I had only spoken to him on the phone, but on his next trip he wanted to meet me and say “thank you.” His enthusiasm for Greyhound Express and our new buses was great. That excitement is the inspiration for me to ensure all our customers have such great experiences.


What are a few tips that you’d give to folks traveling?

1) Plan ahead! Whenever possible, purchase your tickets in advance. With the reserved seating that Greyhound Express offers, it’s important to get your ticket ahead of time, whenever you can.

2) Use It’s such a great way to save time, get valuable information to plan your trip, and purchase tickets. Plus it’s the only place where you can get fares as low as $1 on our Greyhound Express schedules!

3) Always put a bag tag with your name and phone number on your luggage, one for the outside of your bag and one placed inside.

4) In select locations we have kiosks that can speed up the ticket-buying process. They are so user-friendly! Everyone should take advantage of them, especially those tech-savvy enough to be checking out our blog. They’d love them.


Name one place that everyone should go to when they visit the Southwest region. Why?

You know I’m going to get in big trouble for picking just one, but I have to say Austin, TX. Our family enjoys all sorts of music, and Austin has so many venues that you can see just about everything. And you just can beat such a beautiful city and all of the things to do outdoors.


Finish the sentence: My love of travel comes from ________________________.

My curiosity to see what the world has to share and how I can learn from those experiences.

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