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What to Bring Back? Souvenir Ideas!

Remember the Moment with A Postcard.

We’ve all been there – you’re having an amazing vacation and want something you can bring back to remember the fun times you’re having, but you really don’t need another t-shirt, key chain or coffee mug. Here’s a list of some things we think are awesome souvenirs you’ll want to use.

  • Something for your wall or desk – If you’re loving your trip, grab a cool piece of art or something to sit on your desk before you head home. Whether it’s a replica of the Statue of Liberty from your trip to NYC or a small piece of street art from the vendor by the beach, you’ll remember the fun you had each time you look at it while also having a great reason to tell others about the adventures you had.
  • A disposable camera – OK, we know almost everyone has a camera on their phone, but sometimes it’s fun to flash back to when you hoped all your photos came out the way you wanted. Grab a disposable camera from the drug store so you’ll get the chance to relive your vacation through the pictures when you get them back after you’re home. Besides, if you find an excuse to use an underwater camera, you’ll come out with some fun pictures and not have to find out the hard way that your water-proof phone case isn’t as water-proof as you thought when you first bought it.
  • Something you’ll wear there and back home – Looking for a new pair of shoes, outfit or sunglasses? Wait to get them once you arrive at your destination. You never know what you’ll be able to find in a new city that you couldn’t at home.
  • Recipes – Going somewhere with really great food? Try out a new dish and if you love it, look for the recipe. Many restaurants post recipes on their website for some of their favorite dishes served to customers. If you’re visiting friends or family, ask them (and promise not to share their secrets) if they’d teach you how to make that extra special dish!
  • Post cards – Grab a post card each day you’re there of something you saw and write down what happened on the back.
  • Maps – You can get them framed, glue them to the bottom of trinket tray or just keep them for future excursions. Chances are you’ll be able to find a lot of maps wherever you go – nice old ones, the free tourist ones handed out on every corner and everything in between. If you’re feeling crafty, grab a pen and mark the places you went in the city.
  • Something local – Is the city you’re visiting known for something special? Chances are the answer is yes, and you can grab a souvenir when you’re done. If you don’t know, then ask a local what you must see or do in their town.

What do you always bring home as a souvenir when traveling? Let us know and happy travels!

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