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Traveling with loved ones is great, but hitting the road solo can be an equally incredible experience. Whether you’re going somewhere near or far, a trip on your own is something everyone should take at least once.

Here’s why everyone should travel solo:

1. There are no rules. A lot of people think you “must” see or do something when you travel, but when you go alone, you can feel completely guilt-free about tossing out the antiquated travel rulebook and do your own thing.

2. You have total freedom. If you want avoid the tourist traps and see only obscure, off the beaten path doughnut shops, no one will stop you!


solo travel - reason: doughnuts

3. You set your own pace. If you want to stop in and see a very specific painting at the MoMA then leave shortly after, that’s perfectly fine. No one else is guilting you into spending any longer than you absolutely want to somewhere just because you paid the price of admission. (The same can also be said if a long, delicious lunch is akin to a religious experience for you – take all the time you want!)

4. You’ll surprise yourself. Whether the trip’s a total breeze or you push through a challenge with directions, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll walk away from your first solo trip having learned something about yourself.

5. It’s safe. Traveling solo in a new city in North America is no different than exploring your hometown alone. No matter if you’re at home or on the road everyone should use the same hearty dose of common sense. Between your natural instincts, a little bit of research of how to navigate around the city and apps like Lyft or Uber, you can have a great, safe experience as a solo traveler.


solo travel - reason: Chicago L


6. It gives you time to think. There’s something almost therapeutic about exploring a new city. As you stroll down new sidewalks you have the time to sort out whatever’s been on your mind.

7. You get as much alone time as you want. Traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re destined to speak to only the server at dinner. As a solo traveler you can make as many new friends as you’d like. From your seat mate on the bus ride to your destination, to the group standing in front of you in line at that museum, a quick hello can open the door to a full day of conversation or just a momentary lunch buddy.

8. Great things come in singles. It can be that awesome seat at the Broadway show (that you got for a ridiculously discounted price same day because they couldn’t sell the one seat) or you get to skip ahead of tons of people at Disney World because you’re a single rider, arriving solo can certainly have its perks!

9. It makes you a great story teller. No one else was there so you ought to tell that story right. (But no one will know if that fish wasn’t really as large as you say it was.)

10. It makes you a little more adventurous at home. Little by little you’ll see the explorer in you come out once you’re home.

11. Thanks to social media, you’re never really alone. Picture this: you’ve bought the ticket to the top of Willis Tower in Chicago to see the downtown skyline only to realize it’s completely cloudy that day. By the time you do a full lap around the building you’re nearly laughing out loud because you could have seen more than clouds if you just looked up the weather (or up at the sky) before buying tickets. Thanks to copious amounts of public WiFi, smart phones and social media, all of your friends can join in laughing at the predicament you just found yourself in with you. And just like that, you feel anything but alone. Instead you’re just laughing to yourself at your phone, which in 2017, isn’t that weird.


solo travel - reason: Chicago Willis Tower sky deck

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