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On the road from California to North Carolina: a photo essay


When you’re looking to get a sense of true Americana and see the country, there’s nothing better than a good road trip. Our belief was proven while perusing around Instagram and we stumbled upon Dan King’s gallery. He was in the middle of his trip from Arroyo Grande, California to Greensboro, South Carolina. We got a chance to catch up with Dan about his trip and share some of his favorite images.

We have to warn you, these pictures you’re about to see may lead to an increased sense of wanderlust.

“I am from California and I work coast to coast. An assignment came about for me in North Carolina so I purchased a Greyhound Bus ticket to travel across this vast beautiful land,” Dan said. “I was very excited that I was going to be on Greyhound and I’d get to witness the views along the way to share with you.”


Time to hit the road: 


Views from the window seat

The views along Highway 10 in Quartzite, Arizona.

Sunset over Phoenix.

Beautiful New Mexico


“With the amount of time I had I enjoyed everything that was before me. My trip was very pleasant. Who wouldn’t want the advantage of visiting great cities along the way?” – Dan King

The view across the USA-Mexico border on the way to Dallas.

A quick shot of our Dallas terminal before getting back on the road.

And we’ve arrived to Greensboro, North Carolina!


“I thank Greyhound for providing a wonderful experience in a timely fashion. My ticket is a round trip and I can’t wait to see it all again. I hope you enjoy these images and you decide to experience an awesome trip like the one I had or wherever your road my lead you.” – Dan King


If you want to keep up with Dan, you can follow him on Instagram or see more of his work on his website.

Whether you’re taking a trip across the country or going a few hours down the road, the sights you get from the window seat are hard to forget. In the comments below, tell us your favorite routes to travel on where the views never get old.



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