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What would be the name of your Presidential Campaign? Harlem Globetrotter Edition.

(Photo by Mark Buckner)

This week, we decided to switch it up a little on the Harlem Globetrotters! We asked a few players: if you were running for President of the United States, what would be the title of your campaign? In true Globetrotter fashion, their answers left us wanting more.

It’s T-Time from the Globetrotters again! Tonight our team is on the road again and we are heading to Oklahoma City.

Today, I posed a question to a few of my teammates and its not a question that you hear every day. Their initial responses and facial expressions were quite comical. Everyone “needed a few minutes to think about it.” But, after giving them some time to think, they all provided some very admirable responses.

B-Nice – “Changing the world one life at a time”

Rookie B-Nice chose this campaign title because he believes If one person realizes their purpose then they will inspire others to do the same.” B-Nice, who holds a degree in communication, also went on to say that this theory also reinforces accountability and responsibility, two qualities on which we must put more emphasis.

Firefly- “Failure equals success”

Firefly Fisher, who is currently studying for his Masters of Science degree, says “Its okay to fail. Thats the only way you can reach success.” He paralleled that theory to today’s economy by saying that people see or have seen our economy and financial market as a failure. He went on to say “That’s fine, that just means the hard part is over and the best is yet to come.”

Hammer- “Only greatness equals greatness”

The creative Hammer, who holds a degree in graphic design, believes “If you want to achieve maximum results in any field, you must always be willing to put forth the effort it takes for greatness.” Hammer said he could ensure his constituents would get greatness from him, which would equal greatness for them.

(Featured Photo by Mark Buckner)

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