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Must Eat in Nashville: Margot Café

Image from Margot Cafe's website

If you plan on visiting Nashville soon, please carve out time to stop by Margot Café! This quaint café that serves country French and Italian cuisine is too tasty to skip. With their seasonal menu, the appeal of surprise is there.

Recently, I went to Nashville for my best friend’s birthday, and she wanted to take me to her favorite brunch spot. This place just so happened to be Margot Café. There are certain restaurants where ordering everything on the menu seems the best route to go – this is one of those places. But my friend and I decided to divide and conquer. She ordered the pastry dish to start. Included with a cinnamon pecan sticky bun, peach streusel coffee cake and blueberry scone, this plate delighted our taste buds.

For our entrée, though it was brunch, I decided to go with the cheeseburger that was encouraged by our lovely waiter; while my friend elected to go with the tomato cobbler with cheddar cheese biscuit and arugula salad. Fast forward, the burger was probably the best burger I’ve EVER tasted. My friend and I decided to conclude our meal with a slice of zucchini cake, and it was worth every single calorie.

So next time you’re in Nashville, stop by Margot Café for a bite to eat! Tell ‘em Whitney from Greyhound sent you.


Image from the Margot Cafe website. 

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