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Gift Ideas for the Traveling Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If your mother likes to travel, this list serves as a thought-starter just for you. My mother is a definite road warrior. Growing up, she loved taking road trips. If your mother is anything like her, I hope these ideas help in your search. There’s still time.

  • Restaurant Gift Card: When is she traveling again? Give her a gift card/certificate to her favorite restaurant in that city, and treat her to one of her favorite places.
  • Travel Art Print: Some gifts are captured best with words, with this travel art print on Etsy, customize your love for your mother in a unique and travel-inspired way.
  • Passport Holders: Passport holders definitely come in handy for the traveler. Whether they’re traveling into the U.S. or traveling to Canada, this makes a great gift!
  • Shutterfly Photo Book: Capturing the moments of your trip can be a very special treat for many people. Being able to transfer those photos off your phone or camera to an actual photo book helps to create lasting memories. Use your creative skills and design a travel book for your mother. It’s sure to get that “walk-down-memory-lane” chat going! You can thank us later.
  • *budget-friendly* With Words: We sometimes forget that mothers enjoy the truly sentimental things – the words from our heart. Every year, my mother asks me to write her something – “just write me a letter, Whit,” she says. Why not take time out to write about your favorite travel moment with your mom? Or simply, what she means to you? That will last forever.

We’d love to hear from you! What other items would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for the traveling mom?

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