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Where Will Your Imagination Take You?

Futuristic Greyhound

Guest Blogger: Cole Sorota

Cinema is a gateway to the fantastical. Movies can take us anywhere: back in time, to distant lands, to larger-than-life battles or the core of someone’s very soul. They are an escape few other mediums can achieve.

Vacations are our most common kinds of escape. While we likely can’t help our allies win a battle across the stars, we can find ourselves in unique places often far more exciting than what we find at home. Getting there often requires some amount of effort, but none is easier than jumping on a Greyhound bus.

With our upgraded buses, you can now travel in style and enjoy a happy marriage of real escape and the kind you’ll only find on your screen. Take a scenic tour along the West coast while enjoying your favorite beach movie, or an adventure deep into the mountains complete with a Lord of the Rings type fantasy excursion. Greyhound buses now have built-in Wi-Fi and power outlets, so your devices will never die.

And neither will your imagination.

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