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Sometimes life gets so fast that we forget to sit and reflect on what we are thankful for. Well Thanksgiving is a very good time to think about all the good the year has provided you. In my household, it is a tradition to have everyone go around the table and say what they are thankful for. Its a time for us to voice who or what has made a difference in our lives during the year.

I decided to ask some of our employees what they were thankful for this year. Take a look:


I am thankful for my wonderful friends and family who have supported me and loved me unconditionally through the years. Nicole

I am thankful for the good health of my parents. Eric

I am thankful for my favorite jive turkey: My daughter, Gwen. Mark

I am thankful for Love, Life, Growth and Family. Fredra

I am thankful for my wonderful family and true friends. Rae

I am thankful for life and everyone and everything that has played a part in it. -Whitney

And last but not at all least; from our family at Greyhound, WE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOU!


So today, with your family and friends, if you never have, try going around the table (or however youd like), and say what you are thankful for. Youd be surprised on how long your own personal list would be.

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