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Hound Gems: Sabino Canyon Trail – Tucson, AZ

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The Hound Gems section is all about cool finds in places you may not know about. Our first gem is for those who appreciate the outdoors, and like taking in the scenery from the outside…out. I’ll say this, if you’re ever in Tucson, it’s a MUST to take a tour or hike one of the trails there. The Sabino Canyon Trail is where you can literally anticipate the beauty of it all, as soon as you drive onto the property. The mountains greet you instantly, and you’re ready to begin your journey – either by hiking or taking the tram up the trail. When a few of my friends and I visited, we decided to take the tram up the trail and then walk back down. That way we could have a chance to stop by the waterfalls and truly enjoy what was around us.

There were a total of nine tram stops, where you could stop and get off or where folks could be picked up. Our tour guide was great! She never missed a beat, as she explained the landscape and more about the large cacti that we saw as we drove up the trail (take a look at the photos – as you can see, the cacti are pretty gigantic).

At the last stop, we hopped off the tram and began our walk down the trail. We stopped and took in the water fall – there were others with the same idea in mind. We put our toes in the water and relaxed. Well, that was until the rain came. Yikes! It was just like a scene from a movie. We found a huge rock to hide under and stayed there (about 10 minutes) until the rain stopped. I still appreciate that umbrella, umm…rock, that kept us dry.

Overall, the Sabino Canyon Trail was something to remember. If you’re in the area, schedule some time and experience Tucson in a different way. More information about outdoor activities in Tucson can be found here.


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