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Hound Gem: South Main Arts District, Memphis

Image from Wikipedia. Author: Thomas R Machnitzki

What can we say? South Main Arts District has everything from shops to art to food. Located in downtown Memphis, it gives you a different vibe from Beale Street, but another very cool area to visit while youíre in town.

If youíre looking to hit up a few shops, go right ahead! 99% of South Mainís shops are locally-owned. Sweet, right? As you know, shopping can make us quite hungry, but worry not Ė there are several restaurants to try out. You wonít find restaurant chains, but you will find all locally-operated food spots. Thereís no better love than hometown love!

In between eating and shopping, remember to indulge in some history. From the National Civil Rights Museum to the Orpheum Theater, the selection is far from dull. Lastly, the art lover in you wonít leave disappointed either. Youíll find galleries and theaters thatíll make you want to stay even longer.


Photo from Wikipedia†(Author:†Thomas R Machnitzki).†

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