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Hound Gem: Soulard Farmers Market in St. Louis, Mo.

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This week’s Hound Gem is Soulard Farmers Market. We decided to take a look at this gem, because well, you’ll see. Just continue reading…

If you’re a travel foodie, like me, I hope you enjoy this gem. Soulard Farmers Market is located in a historic French neighborhood in St. Louis, Mo. The cool thing about this farmers market is that it’s open year-round. It doesn’t close during a particular season, so you don’t have to worry about missing your lovely *insert favorite fresh produce, meat, cheese, etc. here*.

The market started in 1779 as a flat meadow where local farmers would sell their products, and has grown into so much more today. I have yet to visit Soulard Farmers Market, but after doing research on it, it’s definitely another gem added to my long list of must-visit places.

Do you have a favorite farmers market? If so, where is it? And what makes it your favorite?

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