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There seems to be so many travel items that I’ve been eyeing lately. Call me crazy, but I didn’t make it out for Black Friday. However, I did have a chance to roam the internet on Cyber Monday and spot some cool travel-wants that are currently calling me. Wanted to share my travel list with you; especially if you happen to be looking for something to gift the traveler in your own life. Cheers!

  • A Travel Tote: This is a simple item, but it makes a world of difference. Something easy to carry around, while looking stylish. Pack your purse in your carry-on, and reduce the bag weight on your shoulders.
  • Passport wallet: Sometimes you just need to have easy access to your photo IDs – especially if you’re constantly traveling – in the U.S. or international. These wallets make that process a bit easier, and they have character, too!
  • Pullover Hoodie: If you’re anything like me, you get cold easily. This is why a pullover is so necessary. I need something that will surely keep me warm while on the road. Hot chocolate, anyone?
  • Tervis Cup: These cups are made for anyone who’s on-the-go. If you’re boarding the bus or getting ready to snuggle on the couch at home, this can go everywhere with you.
  • Pillow-Blanket Combo: Raise your hand if you’re all about comfort when traveling. *puts hand down*. Then this pillow-blanket combo will be your best friend on your next trip. It just looks so cozy.

What other gifts are we leaving off the list? Let us know what you’d like!


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