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Holiday Gift Guide 2016


Holiday season has begun and we put together a gift guide to give you some inspiration. It can be hard to pick the right thing for your friends and family, so hopefully this will spark some ideas if you’re stuck! 

1. Hanabi – $9.49

 If your friend loves challenging but simple games, then Hanabi is the game to buy! This multiplayer game is a great way to pass time on the bus as well. The rules are simple. During your turn, you can either play a card, give a clue (and discard a clue token) or discard a card (to get a clue token back). You have to work with the people you are playing with to manage information. Plus, it is small enough to fit into your pocket or small bag! The perfect size for when you are traveling.

2. D.I.Y. Hot Cocoa Set 

If you are having a hard time thinking of the perfect gift for your group of friends, we recommended going the D.I.Y. route! You can bulk up on hot chocolate supplies (ex: cocoa, marshmallows, creamer, wooden stir sticks, paper cups etc.) that will keep your gift spending low and something that you know your friends and family will drink. Also, this is an easy gift to travel with and then assemble once you are at your destination!

3. A Million Dogs and A Million Cats – $9.95 + 20% off right now!

Do you have a friend that is obsessed with dogs and cats? If so, this is the gift you need to get them! Not only is it an additional 20% off $9.95, but coloring books are all the rage right now. Plus, this will keep them plenty busy if you know your friend is going to be traveling a lot this holiday season.

4. Coffee Scoop Clip – $5.95

Coffee lovers rejoice! There is a coffee scoop and clip in one, and it’s under $10. This is the perfect gift for all your caffeine-addicted friends, and it is super small to bring with you on the road.

1. Constellation Mug – $20

Who doesn’t love a fun mug? Get this for a friend who loves astrology or just likes to collect fun coffee and tea cups.

2. Misfit Flash – $11.99

The perfect gift for the fitness buff you know! This fitness tracker comes in four other colors and the battery lasts up to six months. It automatically tracks your steps, distance, calories and sleep.

3. i-SUPERSIM Wireless Headphone – $18.99

Finally, Bluetooth headphones that are not crazy expensive! They have a 5-star rating on Amazon and are perfect to pair with the new iPhone 7 or even to travel with since they will not get in a tangled mess.

4. See America 2017 Wall Calendar – $13.99

Do you have a friend that has an adventurous spirit? Then this is the perfect gift for them to get inspired for their next trip, while having the functionality of a calendar.

1. MEKU Men’s Handmade Slim Leather Wallet – $29.99

This wallet makes for the perfect gift for your friends and family. It’s compact and stylish that will last for years! Plus, a handmade wallet that is under $30 is a steal.

2. Diamond Cable Knit Beanie – $29.95

Who doesn’t love a cable knit hat? A perfect gift for your friends during this holiday season to keep their head warm.

3. Sip by S’well® Water Bottle – $24.99

S’well created a line of water bottles just for Target. These bottles are unlike any other! They keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and your drinks hot for 12 hours. Perfect gift for your friend who will be traveling this season to stay hydrated.

4. Madewell x FEED ® Travel Bag – $30.00

Give back this holiday season by purchasing your friends and family this travel-friendly pouch. Madewell paired up with FEED to create a travel bag to change a life. Each purchase provides 30 meals to children in need worldwide via the United Nations World Food Programme.

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