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The Express expansions just keep on keepin’ on! Launching in Chicago back in 2010, this premium service has made its way to the northeast, west, southeast, southwest and Canada within less than two years – talk about spreading the good news (or service rather).

Express provides fewer stops and more amenities. With reserved seating, free Wi-Fi, power outlets and more legroom, this was created with you in mind. For the 24/7 worker who relies on Internet access to get things done; for the young man or woman who loves chatting with friends and needs the power outlets to stay connected; for the person who just likes fewer stops in a faster time. Express was made just for you. Our standard service is all about the man or woman who is a bit more flexible, so I guess you can say we have services for the best of both worlds. Sharing the Express love with other cities will continue and as always, we will keep you posted. If not already, we may be coming to a city near you. Keep those eyes open!

Get to know Express today at or for our Canadian travelers.

Check out Will’s firsthand experience with Greyhound Express. He and his girlfriend took a trip from Dallas to San Antonio. Good times had by all! We want to hear about your Express experiences, too. 

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