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Goals for 2013: Travel, Travel, and More Travel

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Itís that time of the year again, where you sit and think about what you want to accomplish in the new year. Goals. Resolutions. You name it. While Iíll be making a list of 2013 goals, Iím also making a separate list of the top 10 cities Iíd like to visit before 2014 knocks on the door. Iíve already thought of the first five and two must-stop places in each when Iím there.


  1. Seattle
    1. The Space Needle. Itís such a huge symbol in the city that I have to visit.
    2. The first Starbucks store. How cool is this? One chai tea latte, please!
  2. Portland
    1. Letís start at Powellís City of Books. Why not visit one of the cityís landmarks? Reading is essential!
    2. After checking out the bookstore, why not stop at the Portland Art Museum? Itís the oldest museum in the Northwest.
  3. Philadelphia
    1. Whatís a trip to Philly without having a cheesesteak? Hello, Patís King of Steaks.
    2. Next stop: LOVE Park. I want a picture of the ďLOVEĒ sculpture too!
  4. Santa Fe, N.M.
    1. The famous Loretto Chapel that houses the ďMiraculous Staircase.Ē See what Iím referring to here:
    2. The Santa Fe Indian Market! According to the Santa Fe travel site, this event is the ďworldís largest market of Native American art.Ē
  5. San Francisco
    1. Iíve read that Mamaís is the place to go for breakfast. You donít have to tell me twice.
    2. And of course, I have to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. Itíll take me back to those ďFull HouseĒ days.

When I do visit the different places, Iíll definitely do a few posts about each place while Iím there. Itís only right!

Any cities youíre looking to visit in 2013? If so, what are they? And whatís one thing you have to do when youíre there?



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