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From the Harlem Globetrotters: What’s a must-do in Calgary, Alberta?

Image from Harlem Globetrotter Facebook Page

So we hear the Harlem Globetrotters were hanging out (and playing) in Canada recently. One of their stops just happened to be in Calgary, Alberta, so Globetrotter T-Time has decided to give you a couple of ideas if you’re planning to travel there. Check it out!

Today, my teammates and I are leaving Calgary. However, while we were there, I wanted to know what it was that I must do, see and eat. So, I went to a cafe in the downtown area and caught up with some locals in an attempt to find out where the hot spots were in Calgary. 

As I sat in the cafe, chatting about where I should go, a lady drinking her just-brewed tea told me to come outside with her and she would show me what I must see. I thought to myself, ‘I just came from outside and I didn’t see anything.’ Then again, how could I see if my head was looking down at my phone texting? I followed the lady outside and she told me to “look up.” It was a stunningly tall tower, the Calgary Tower

This landmark is the highest 360 degree observation deck in the world. It stands at 626 feet and can be seen from just about anywhere in Calgary. Lucky for me, it was only a block over and I was able to go in and see it personally, as well as take the tour. 

As the tour was nearing its end, I was beginning to get a little hungry. I found a big crowd of locals that were hanging out in the Calgary Tower and I asked them, ‘Where is the best food in town?’ It was a clear consensus on where I must go: Gaucho, the Brazilian BBQ House. I strolled down the street to the restaurant and had my lunch there. I ordered their sliced steak with garlic and it was delicious; mouth-watering to say the least. 

So, if you’re heading to Calgary anytime soon, make sure you go see the Calgary Tower, take the tour, eat at Gauchos and go Greyhound


Image from Harlem Globetrotter Facebook page.

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