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Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

Fourth of July Celebration

Are you preparing for your Fourth of July weekend? Whether you’re planning the family getaway or a BBQ in the backyard, we’re bringing you a few ideas on places to go during this celebratory weekend.


  • Fireworks at the Navy Pier
    • I hear there’s no other place like Chicago’s celebration, when it comes to celebrating the Fourth of July. If you’re in the area, make sure you stop by the Navy Pier for the fireworks show. This city hasn’t made the top Fourth of July cities for nothing.

Las Vegas

  • Fireworks at Caesars Palace or Las Vegas Philharmonic
    • Celebrating the Fourth of July with friends? Well, if you’re 21 and older, Las Vegas might be the place to go.
    • Aside from the parties, you have to find yourself at one of the fireworks show – whether that be the Las Vegas Philharmonic show or the Fireworks at Caesars Palace.

Atlantic City, N.J.

  • A sight to see at the Atlantic City Boardwalk and Marina
    • Sounds like the fireworks show this year in Atlantic City will be one for the books. Taking place along the Atlantic City Boardwalk and Marina, the show will be 20 minutes long with “10,000 multicolored fireworks”. Wow!

St. Louis, Mo.

  • Fun for all at America’s Biggest Birthday Party
    • Don’t miss out, folks! Fair Saint Louis is a three-day celebration that takes place at the Gateway Arch. Between fireworks, air shows, family fun run and many other activities, your Fourth of July weekend will be nothing less than fun-filled!

Washington, D.C.

  • Celebrations at The National Mall
    • I think it’d be very cool to celebrate the Fourth of July in D.C. at The National Mall. Starting with a parade and ending with a fireworks show over the Washington Monument, you and your family/friends will be celebrating all day. Get in on the fun!




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