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Five tips for traveling between the US and Canada

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With so many great places to see in the United States and Canada, there’s no reason your wandering feet should have to remain in one country alone. Whether you’re headed north or south on your next adventure, these five tips will help make your border crossing go smoothly.

1.       Don’t forget your required travel documents

When crossing the US/Canadian border, be sure to know which identification documents you will need based on your nationality. In most cases a valid passport, passport card or Nexus card will suffice and help get you through the interview quickly. Without the proper identification, you will not be allowed to enter either country.


2.       Know what you have to declare

Before packing your bags, be sure to make note of items you will have to declare when crossing the border. Gifts, cash in any currency greater than $10,000 and food, among other things, will need to be declared in order to bring it into your destination country. Be sure to visit the Canadian Border Service Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection websites for comprehensive lists of what can be taken into each country.


3.       Imperial measurements vs. the metric system

While the United States and Canada share a border stretching nearly the entire length of each country, Americans use imperial measurements while Canadians are on the metric system. Whether you’re looking to check the weather, measure distance or volume, it’s helpful to know how to convert between the two, especially when it comes to declaring the volume of items you’re bringing back over the border. If you’re not familiar with the conversions, this site can help.


4.       Fill out the forms ahead of time

When you’re crossing the border with Greyhound, we’ll provide the necessary documents before leaving the station to give you enough time to fill it out. Be sure to complete these forms before arriving to the check point as it’ll help get you through the interview process quicker.


5.       What to expect when you arrive at the border

When your bus arrives at the border, you will disembark the coach, take all of your belongings and wait to be interviewed. Have your identification and forms ready to go and the process can go quickly. Once you’ve been cleared, head back to the bus and you’ll continue on your way!


If you have additional questions, visit our website for more details.

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