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Express Spotlight: A Sweet Treat in New Orleans

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As Express expansions roll on, we figure it may be good to spotlight some cool things to do in these cities. Seeing that we officially started our Express service out of New Orleans on Oct. 31, we thought it only fitting to present you with one of our favorite spots in the area.

We love our sweets, which inspired our post on this special café: Café Du Monde. Best known for its beignets and coffee, this is a definite staple in New Orleans. There are multiple locations throughout the city, so there’s no excuse as to why you wouldn’t visit this spot. If you decide to visit the French Market location (this is the one I go to every time I visit New Orleans), you can choose to sit either in or outside. Because the inside is pretty small, a majority of people sit outside, which provides one with a great venue to people-watch.

So if you plan on traveling to New Orleans anytime soon, make sure you check out Café Du Monde. And while you’re looking up things to do in The Big Easy, here’s a list from Rachel Halder on some pretty great finds in the area:


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