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Driving is our thing, but it doesn’t hurt to walk.

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Greyhound is not just a bus company. Behind the thousands of buses, there are thousands of employees not only working to get customers from Point A to Point B, but volunteering for great causes, such as the American Heart Association (AHA). On Saturday, Sept. 15th, employees from the corporate office in Dallas gathered together to participate in the AHA’s Heart Walk. Team Greyhound was in full effect and was more than ready to begin a walk on behalf of their mothers, daughters, fathers, sisters, friends, etc. who have had heart disease. The outside of the American Airlines Center was filled with people, who were ready to walk for a reason. Greyhound members were sporting their Greyhound tees with great enthusiasm!

Helping Hounds is the name of our employee volunteer program, which was founded in 2005. We have tons of opportunities, where employees volunteer their time to a certain organization that may be very special to their hearts. From volunteering at Children’s Medical Center to picking up trash as part of Adopt-a-Highway, the action of giving back to the communities we serve is a big deal at Greyhound.

Let’s continue to challenge each other when it comes to helping someone else! Leave us a comment and let us know what your community interests involve. We want to know!

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