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Driver Destinations: Vancouver

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It’s no secret that hitting the road and exploring new places is one of our favorite things, but when it comes to looking for things to do or see in a new city, there’s nothing like getting a recommendation from someone who’s just done some serious exploring themselves. When we’re looking for new ideas, we call up one of our (off-duty) drivers. A definite work perk for these folks is getting to spend their layovers resting up and exploring cities across North America. 

That’s why we’re letting our drivers take the virtual steering wheel of our Driver Destination series and tell us about their must-see and -eats for some of their favorite destinations in the U.S. and Canada.

Today we’re hitting the road with Operator Paul Vincent as he tells us about his home base in Vancouver!


Why did you become a Greyhound driver?

I love driving and love helping people get to their destination.

Let’s talk about schedules, what are some of your favorites?

The most scenic route I’ve driven is from Vancouver to Osoyoos, British Columbia. It’s a gorgeous, winding road that leads to the beautiful interior of British Columbia. But my favorite schedule to drive is along Whistler Highway 99. It’s incredibly scenic and you can see the ocean as well as the mountains.

Three travel tips I always give my customers:

1.  Use public transit whenever possible in a new city.

2. Speak to the locals, they offer so many of the best places to visit.

3. Use the Yelp app.  It’s the best app for exploring any city and will give you some great recommendations.

Since you’ve added Vancouver to our must-visit list, what attractions should we be sure to do right away?

There are so many things to do in the city.  A great idea for a day is to go downtown and then get a sea taxi over to Granville Island where you can easily spend a day exploring.  A trip would not be complete without visiting the famous Stanley Park and the Sea Wall where there are so many outdoor activities to do. If you would like to explore the coastal area, you can rent a kayak, or just relax on one of several beaches. To me, this is the most memorable part of the city.

Since you’ll be downtown, if you want to get some shopping in I would always go to Granville Street.  There are hundreds of amazing stores for shopping and plenty of places to stop in for food and drinks.

I enjoy off-roading, kayaking, mountain biking, going to drive-in movie theatres and dining out in Vancouver.

Speaking of food, where should we stop for a meal?

When you’re ready to explore your hunger, you can find somewhere to eat in Yaletown or on Commercial Drive.  Both of these offer amazing, unique foods that showcase the many cultures of Vancouver.

When on Commercial Drive, I would visit the Storm Crow Tavern. This is one of Vancouver’s most unique places to eat and is a medieval style pub that you can play board games while you eat.

Before arriving to Vancouver, what do you wish someone had told you?

Purchase a Translink multi-day pass.  The transit is great, and you can get anywhere in the city on this.

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