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Best Cities to Travel to for Halloween

Image from The Queen Mary Website

It’s that time of year again, where we get decked out in the most creative costumes and thrive off the thrill of terror. For all of you who like a bit of “scary,” we’ve made a list of some of the spookiest places to travel to for Halloween. Here you go!

  • Philadelphia
    • Fright Factory Haunted House: This 25,000 square foot house is located in a 105-year- old building. General admission tickets are $30. There’s a reason this house has been around for so long!
  • Bakersfield, Calif.
    • Scream in the Dark: Another spooktacular haunted house. The group who puts on this event has been the face behind many other creeptastic events in Las Vegas and other areas of California. Admission is $10. See what all the screaming is about.
  • New Orleans
    • Haunted History Tours: What’s better than celebrating Halloween in New Orleans, the home of Anne Rice, queen of the vampire novels? Check out the Ghost Tour that stays within the French Quarter and focuses on documented hauntings. There’s also a Cemetery Tour during the day, and other tours for all to see. Wondering the pricing of the different tours? Well, it’s $25 for adults; $18 for students and seniors; $14 for kids 11 and under; and 5 year olds and under are free.
  • Ottawa, Ontario
    • Ghost Towns: Learn about the Ghost Towns throughout parts of Ottawa. Take a tour and discover why there’s so much history in these areas.
  • Long Beach, Calif.
    • Ever wonder why The Queen Mary is called “the haunted ship”? With the Queen Mary Ghost Tour, you’re able to learn in a very interactive way, how it got that title. Ticket prices vary, but this is definitely a tour you don’t want to miss.


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