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Behind the wheel: Meet the Rose family

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Going Greyhound is a family affair for Michael Rose.

In 1963 Wesley Rose started his driving career with Greyhound in San Diego. Twenty-one years later his young son Michael started tagging along on rides to spend a little extra time with his father. Like many sons, Michael observed everything his father did and aspired to be like him taking any chance he got from weekends, holidays and vacation time to ride along while his dad drove customers to and from San Diego. While he wasn’t a driver yet, the family had a child’s version of the driver uniform made for Michael!

When he reached his late teens it was time for Michael to start his first paying job. He made his way to his first and only stop – the San Diego Greyhound station – where he tried his hand in almost every position from ticket agent and baggage handler to Greyhound Package Express agent to cleaning the buses occasionally. After a few months Michael went with his dad for a weekend trip to Phoenix and it was on this trip where he met his wife who was a ticket agent in El Centro, California. Fast forward to 2007, when Michael officially became a Greyhound driver working alongside his father for seven years before Wesley retired. Soon after, Michael’s nephew was hired as a driver and is continuing to carry on their family’s relationship with us today.

If you see Michael behind the wheel you might wonder why his uniform looks a little different than the rest of our drivers. Thanks to their family’s decades behind the wheel, Michael is able to continue wearing his traditional gray uniform after all these years as he carries on his family’s legacy. As the Rose’s look to the future, Michael’s seven-year-old son Victor dreams of one day becoming a driver like his dad – but who knows, maybe Victor’s dreams will even drive him to follow in the footsteps of our CEO Dave Leach who started his journey at Greyhound as a baggage handler.



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