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Another TO-DO Added to College 101

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Oh how I remember this time so clearly. Unpacking boxes and suitcases, kissing the family goodbye, as I stood in front of my new dorm – very movie-like, huh?! Looking forward to getting involved in different organizations, but not necessarily looking forward to all the exams. Seems like there’s a lot of mixed emotions during this time, but what do I know? *I’m not that far removed from college, so I know what you’re feeling! Promise.*

For me, college was a time when your dollars were stretched; therefore, my friends and I really had to make the best out of whatever we decided to do for enjoyment. Whether it was traveling to Richmond for the weekend (I went to school in Virginia) or dining at California Pizza Kitchen, it was well thought out. However, some of the best times that my girls and I shared were when we took road trips. Being able to chat the whole time about whatever was going on or looking out of the window at the amazing Virginia landscape, it was something that connected us!

If you don’t have it on your list for the school year yet, I’d definitely suggest getting your friends together and traveling somewhere! You can always travel with Greyhound. Along with Student Advantage, you’re even able to receive discounts (on some great items, including travel), by picking up a Student Advantage Discount Card. The school year is just beginning; it’s time to plan your road trip!

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