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Another Reason to Travel: Entertaining NBA Teams

Time for Basketball!

As the basketball season gets underway, fans look forward to watching their favorite teams show off their skills on the court and compete for the championship. To help ensure that you are thoroughly entertained this basketball season, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Most Entertaining NBA Teams to Watch; and there’s nothing quite like watching your favorite team or players in the stands, live and in-person. So if you happen to be traveling to any of the following cities and want to witness pure excitement at its finest, check out the following teams.

Los Angeles Clippers – Fans look forward to catching this team’s highlights on Sports Center every night. With Blake Griffin’s uncanny dunking skills, which allowed him to win the NBA slam-dunk contest in 2011, and Chris Paul’s overall athleticism, being the first player since ’99 to produce 23 points and 17 assists in a single game, they are definitely one of the most enjoyable teams to watch.

Houston Rockets – Try not to take your eyes off the court for a second while watching this team. You just may miss an impressive jump-shot or an incredible three-pointer. With an average of 106 points scored per game, the Houston Rockets are one of the most entertaining to watch on the principle of the most balls in the hoop.

Brooklyn Nets – This team has the capability of selling out games based on sheer star power. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez took the team to the playoffs last season, and now, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are working to get the team closer to the top of the Eastern Conference. Their head coach is none other than Jason Kidd, who just recently retired from the New York Knicks.

San Antonio Spurs – With this team, fans get to see an exciting collaboration between veterans and newcomers that helped them score the fourth-most points of any team in the NBA last season at 103 points per game, while running the sixth-fastest pace in the league. Veterans Tim Duncan and Tony Parker lead the way, while Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard hold their own offensively.

Golden State Warriors – This team puts on a show almost every night with its constant highlight-worthy slam dunks, fast-paced interchanges and electrifying energy. But it’s the fans who create the real excitement at these games. They are arguably the most energetic, rowdy crowd and have developed a special bond with the team. Warriors fans have the second-highest attendance in NBA history and they stay loyal even when the team isn’t performing its best. But who can blame them? With Stephen Curry, who is one of the greatest three-point shooters in recent history, and Andre Iguodala now in the mix, the Warriors may have a great shot at the playoffs.


Who do you think are the most exciting teams to watch?


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