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8 ways BusTracker will change how you travel.

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One of the common questions we get from our customers is “will my bus leave on time?” As your transportation provider, we completely get it. With constantly changing factors like traffic and weather, we’re always looking at ways to keep you updated on the status of your schedule, which is why we’re thrilled to announce the release of BusTracker!

Starting today, you can log on to to get real-time information on your bus. Enter your schedule number, departure or arrival city and you’ll get the list of stops, schedule status and a map of where the bus currently is located.

Still wondering how this will impact your next trip? Well:

1. You’ll have an instant answer to the question “Where’s my bus?

2. If your bus hit some traffic on the way to pick you up, you can binge on your favorite show a little longer before heading out to the terminal and still arrive 30 minutes early.

3. Picking up from the terminal a friend whose phone died since they left their charger at home? No problem! You’ll know exactly when they’ll be arriving.

4. You can keep your friends updated on where you are without dropping pins on the map to send their way every 10 minutes.

5. You saw that the weather is pretty nasty in a city where you’re making a transfer. Between our online service alerts and BusTracker, you can check to see how schedules are being affected and adjust your travel plans with our terminal agents before you head out of town.

6. Is your friend arriving at 10 a.m. or 10 p.m.? You can check all the arrival times of buses coming into a city without having to ask them a 25th time for their schedule details.

7. There’s a route map already created for you with the stops listed. When the kids (or the kid in you) ask “Where are we? Where are we going next? How far away is that?” you can pull this up and show them.

8. At home or on the go, you can take BusTracker with you! The site is mobile! Update our iOS and Android Greyhound mobile app or find the BusTracker button on our mobile site.


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