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7 things you must pack for your next music festival

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Break out the flower crowns and dust off those fanny packs because music festival season is upon us!

When it comes to packing for your first or 40th music festival, there are things like your socks and toothbrush you won’t soon forget to bring. But since leaving the festival site to run to pick up something you left behind is definitely not something you’ll want to do, here are our seven must-packs for any music festival that’ll help make the weekend better than ever.

  1. Hats – Ladies, we know everyone wants a great photo jamming out to their favorite band with an epic flower crown on top of their head, but that sure won’t keep your face protected from the sun. (Same to you fellas.) Hats are a must bring to a music festival for everyone because of the sheer amount of sun you’ll be getting over the few days you’re onsite and take the protection you’re getting from the sun screen a step further. Grab your favorite floppy, fedora or baseball hat and save that flower crown for the evening shows.
  2. Collapsible water bottle – Water bottles like this Vapor Element bottle are perfect for your music festival of choice. They’re lightweight plastic, can collapse when empty and have the handy hook so you can latch it onto your belt loop or bag! Plus there’s the added bonus of staying hydrated when you use them. Trust us, we can guarantee that it is a lot more fun standing in the crowd than it is recovering from dehydration in the first aid tent.
  3. External cell phone batteries – There will likely be plenty of places where you can grab a charge for your phone, often for a fee, but when that line is ridiculously long or your phone hits 10 percent in the middle of a set, a backup battery pack like these can come in handy so you can reach into your bag and charge your device while you still capture the moment.
  4. Comfortable shoes and bandages – You’ll be on your feet a lot this weekend, so you’re obviously going to want to bring comfortable shoes. Even if you’ve packed your tried and true favorite pairs that look great with anything, do bring bandages because chances are you’ll still find them rubbing the wrong way. While we love seeing your best music festival styles, no one will really notice what’s on your feet. Choose comfort. It’s worth it.
  5. Day bag – Whether you go with a small day backpack, fanny pack or purse, a bag of some kind is needed for at least one person in your group. Where else will you stow your sunscreen, cash and other things you’ll need and don’t want to walk all the way back to the campsite for?
  6.  Deodorant and/or wet wipes – This should be in addition to what you’re keeping in your campsite or hotel to stay clean. While everyone gets hot and sweaty at an outdoor festival, cleaning yourself up quickly throughout the day will keep you feeling fresh. Plus, when everyone is wondering who needs to make a trip to the showers, they certainly won’t be looking at you.
  7. Wristbands, lanyards and tickets – This may be an obvious one, but forgetting the items that will get you into the event is the worst packing mishap you can make so we encourage you to check, doublecheck and check again that you have everything you need to get inside the event. No one wants to hop on the returning bus home to grab the tickets and miss out on valuable for festival time!

Did we miss something? If you’re a festival pro or are headed to your first this year, leave your packing tips in the comments below.

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