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12 reasons you should get on the road right now

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If the Monday morning blues seem to stay with you all week, you may need to take a weekend getaway.


1. You need time to think.

There’s nothing like watching the scenery change through your window to help clear you mind.


2. You’re itching to see somewhere new – but don’t want to go too far.
While stay-cations can be great, sometimes we forget about the amazing cities near our hometowns.


3. You want to meet new people.
New places bring new people, new stories and new experiences.


4. There’s a restaurant or activity you’re dying to try.
Distance shouldn’t stop you!


5. You’re bored.
Just because you’re not a local doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be one in a new city for the weekend.


6. You want new photos for your (real or digital) walls.
Whether you’re taking a selfie from the Sky Deck Ledge in Chicago or enjoying the scenery on a hike in Tucson, there are always photo opportunities when you hit the road.


7. You need new inspiration.
Whether you’re a writer, artist, entrepreneur or business mogul, new sights and people can help get those creative juices flowing again.


8. There’s somewhere you haven’t seen.
Want to go somewhere colder, warmer, with hills, trees, big skies, mountains or ocean views? North America has you covered. There’s so much waiting for you to explore in your own backyard.


9. Your team has a game on the road.
True fans aren’t afraid to rock their favorite team’s colors on someone else’s home turf.


10. Festivals.
Music, food or craft festivals are always a good reason to head somewhere new, plus you won’t have to worry about answering the dreaded question of “what do you want to do today?”


11. You want new stories to tell people.
“So this one time I had sushi with a monk in Winnipeg…”


12. You want to.
And that should be reason enough. Have fun and fulfill your wanderlust!


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