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On the Road Memories

On the Road

We want to hear about your favorite ďon the roadĒ moments. It can be about the time you shared playing games with the family, or when you and your friend took a road trip for a concert.

If youíre still wondering, ďwhat is this girl talking about?Ē Ė Iíll start off with my favorite road moment.

Because I canít name just one, Iíll say that my favorite road trips have been with my family. When I was younger, every summer my family and I would take a vacation to a city in the U.S. Some of those cities included New York, D.C., Austin and much more. Traveling with my family was one of my favorite things to do. Itís true bonding time (if you give your electronics a break) and makes for great stories. Iím sure thatís why I like to travel so much these days. There are so many stories I plan on telling my own children one day, and I plan on making travel a must-do.

I know my story was pretty broad. But this isnít about me, itís about you. Your turn!

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