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City of the Month: Washington, D.C.

The Capitol

It’s never too late for a City of the Month! This month, we’re highlighting D.C., our Nation’s Capitol, which offers tons of things to do and sites to see. We decided to give you both historic landmarks and some places that you may have never heard of.

For the cultural and history lover:

  • This museum dates back to 1917 – The Art Museum of the Americas ties into the senses of the individual who wants to adventure into the “art” and minds of various cultures, while diving deeper into social and political issues. This museum is a conversation starter and we encourage taking a look. And if you were wondering about the cost: it’s free.
  • Located about 16 miles outside of D.C., George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate is a sight to be seen. Former President George Washington called this estate home for more than 40 years. This is worth the visit with its rich history. Just to say that you’ve visited this estate is enough alone to visit it.

For the sporty traveler:

  • D.C. is also home to the NFL team, the Washington Redskins. Attending a Redskins home game should definitely be on the agenda for the sports lover (and if you’re there during football season).
  • Soccer, anyone? We think so! Check out the D.C. United’s schedule here:
  • If you’re in D.C. during the summer, we suggest checking out their WNBA team, the Washington Mystics! Tell Michelle Snow that we’re brushing up on our game!
  • And then there’s the baseball team, the Washington Nationals. With the team recently making the playoffs, the city was painted with a lot of “Nat-titude.”

For the children:

  • Who said you can’t make learning fun? Because that’s just what the Smithsonian Discovery Theater does! Through theater, puppet shows and more, this draws the attention of both kids and adults. For a list of their current shows, check out
  • Want to see how money is made? Pennies, dollar bills, nickels, the list goes on. If so, you and the family should stop by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. It sounds really secretive, but they offer tours. Don’t believe us? Fact check here:
  • I’ll let a friend of mine’s quote explain this fantastic attraction:
  • “The International SPY Museum is awesome and filled with cool artifacts from the past. Kids love this place…how do I know? Because all the moms in my office talk about their kids’ field trips there.”

This just scratches the surface when it comes to D.C. Are you a resident of the area? Or do you just love visiting? Let us know your favorite spots! Share the wealth.

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